Liliana Fernandez Steiner Beach Volleyball Butt Shines Even in Defeat

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Okay, trust me, we are getting all of your home-country Olympic email requests and we can't possibly get through all of them before the end of the Olympics, but the ones where we say, 'Damn, yeah, I remember that girl from NBCU channel at 2:30am', those are  getting first priority.

Case in point, Liliana Fernandez Steiner, a buttockal standout on the sandy frame of the Olympic Beach Volleyball court this past week. And while there are a ton of sandy sextastic dumpers out there, and, let's face it, this sport forces you to have a toned, tight set of rectal cushions, there have been a few noteworthy cheeks to, well, note. Including Spain's finest, Liliana Fernandez Steiner. While Liliana may not be winning gold in 2012, she's bubbled up warm feelings in our molten areas, and we could easily craft her an award without really using our hands. That's a something right there, Liliana. Enjoy.

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