Lucy Collett Red Lingerie, Red Topless, Red Hot for Ta-Ta-Tuesdays!

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I've been taking a lot of flack from the goons around the Egotastic! office about my supposed infatuation with Lucy Collett, the ginger-haired red-dagger from the British Isles with the boobtastic so fantastic. So much so that I agreed to go visit my shrink, the esteemed Dr. Louden-Sparks to get an opinion as to possible over-obsession. According to Louden-Sparks, I have some condition with some fancy Latin term that basically means I can't stop thinking about amazing looking redheads with killer tubes. He reached into his medical samples drawer for what I figured would be some type of psychoactive pharmaceutical to relieve me of my incessant yearnings, but, rather, pulled out an extraordinarily large tub of Eucerin lotion and told me to try and avoid tug burns. That shrink really gets me.

And thankfully, right at the same time as Lucy Collett put out a pictorial of epic red proportions, a teasy parade of the ginger faptastic in a red lingerie striptease that will likely cause many of you as well to strain a ligament in your opposable thumb of choice. Sure, I'm way too obsessed with Lucy, but I'm at least hoping this isn't one of those cases where all the buddies gather round and wonder what the hell their half-crazed friend sees in this girl. Are you not seeing it too? Enjoy.

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