Maria Lapiedra Bares Her Hot Body and Gossipy Soul for Interviu Magazine

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If there's a juicy gossip story to be had in Spain, you can bet it somehow revolves around the world of soccer, it just does, as with the case of pretty damn hot former stripper turned mayoral candidate and author, Maria Lapiedra, who created quite a scandal by long-term banging, among other famous men, Joan Laporta, a well-known Spanish political figure and former President of pre-eminent soccer team, FC Barcelona. Kind of the same scandalous stripper shizz that goes on with U.S. politicians, only here the dudes try to keep their dirty deeds more private, and over there it's more like, hey, who doesn't want to bang the stuffing out of a hot stripper. And everybody kind of just accepts it.

Well, now Maria Lapiedra is covering this month's issue of Spain's leading Interviu magazine and uncovering herself therein, as she spills the beans on her various celebrity boot knocking encounters over the years and also announces that she's going to be a mom. Just perfect really. As is her body, which is truly the reason we are sharing this tale with you today. Enjoy.

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