Miranda Kerr Nekkid Photos Kindle Red Hot Lust in Black and White

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(Thanks a million fold to EgoReader 'Durant' for sharing these bits of loveliness with us today. While we normally wait til Fridays for our reader finds, this one, we just couldn't sit on, literally, we can't sit down.)

Miranda Kerr nekkid. Three words that go together ever so well. Like ice cream sundae or pregnancy test negative, but this is potentially even better, depending upon your current situation.

Taken from a Laurent Darmon black and white photoshoot, we're not precisely sure of the carbon dating of these amazing depictions of one of the world's hottest women, but quite likely prior to becoming a MILF, when Miranda Kerr was merely a world class Victoria's Secret Angel.

This clearly bears more investigation behind the scenes. Right after we get done ogling the front for another couple hours. Enjoy.

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