Noelia Rios Covered Topless Bikini Shoot for Your Uber-Virgin Body Needs

You might (you will) recall Noelia Rios as the former Big Brother contestant from Argentina who is known not only for proclaiming her virginity over and over again on TV, but for her nekkid photoshoot with her teen brothers that caused a s-load of controversy when they came out at the end of last year. The entire package could be deemed rather creepy, but we prefer, kinky, and when you throw into the mix the supremely hot body and booty of Noelia Rios, there can be no wrong.

Just take a gander at Noelia Rios in her covered topless bikini and ridiculously hot booty shots and see if you can call anything she does creepy, or if you might find yourself saying 'that sounds great' to just about any wackadoodle idea she threw out there. Enjoy.

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