Olivia Munn Topless in 'Magic Mike', A Better Look

Editor's Note: some portions of the sample media previously contained in this article have been removed at the request of the film distributors.

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We were glad to see Olivia Munn exit stage right on her sit-com and rom-com horrific year of 2011 and step into much more male-appealing affair like The Newsroom, but we were even happier  when she finally (finally, blessedly, and lovingly) removed her top to flash her bare udders in Magic Mike this summer. And quite a pair indeed.

While we are still without the type of HD, 1000-foot tall, IMAX-ready bare boobtastic full-frontal shots we someday hope to have of Olivia, we feel certain this ought be enough to send about 50,000 of you fanboys into the next world with nothing but a half-spent bottle of Vaseline Intensive Care in your sarcophagus. Enjoy.

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