Pamela Anderson Topless for Lovecat and Love of Attention

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If you're able to put aside the tawdry drunken evenings of late, the stumbling and bumbling in the streets, and the general Tough Love teenaged-like behavior of the 45-year-old former Baywatch juggular star, well, then, you still have the hot blonde bombshell for whom you have at least once in your life spilled your magical prodigal seed. Please, don't try to deny it.

And now we once more have a look at Pamela Anderson topless in issue # 5 of Lovecat magazine, in a pictorial by Sante D'Orazio who captures some of the remaining veteran hotness of the former pinup girl from Canada, a woman who owned the blonde and buxom stage for a solid decade or more, and who still looks rather mighty fine with the right lighting and wardrobe, or lack thereof. Rather than make Pamela the butt of jokes, today, we just admire her fine fleshy form. Enjoy.

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