READER FINDS: Kim Kardashian Wet Bikinis, Cintia Dicker Topless, Jennifer Garner Nip Slip, and Much Much More...

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While not watching 20 hours of The Convention this week (I shall never watch a political convention of any kind until the day they un-invent the remote control), it suddenly came to me that what this nation needs, nay, what this world needs, is far less people with nice hair cuts and nice words saying nice things, and much more nice looking women showing off their nice looking parts. Everybody in politics is left to say, 'I'll believe it when I see it', but in the world of the sextastic, it is all seeing, and, believe me, it's all good.

Today's weekly collective of celebrity skin as provided by you all, a.k.a., Reader Finds, includes Kim Kardashian in a wet hot cleavy Troy Jensen photoshoot (thank you to EgoReader 'Dex'), former Miss Switzerland Melanie Winiger topless from behind (kudos to 'Joel' for pointing out Ms. Winige),  the belustable ginger Cintia Dicker topless (thanks 'Joey G'), Jennifer Garner with a slip of the nip in Arthur (muchas gracias para 'Itai S.'), more buxom Latina hotness from super-virgin Noelia Rios (blessings to EgoReader 'Sam'). Mischa Barton looks quite hot in this Pablo Aguilar photoshoot (contributed by 'Jenner'), and talk about hot photos, Naomi Watts by Simon Upton, ooh la la (kudos to 'Billy Boy'), Eva Wyrwal hot and topless (many thanks to 'Tank'), Sophie Howard buxom and flashing pre-retirement (way to go 'A.J.'), Anna Kournikova classic bikini pictures from Maxim Australia (hotness according to 'Benny'), another look at topless hotness of Hayley-Marie Coppin (uncovered by 'The D'Man'), and last, but not least, a couple quite nekkid photos of Svenske hottie Mini Anden in a car (courtesy of ''Big FFF').

Thanks to one and all. Enjoy.

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