READER FINDS: Rachael Taylor Topless, Taylor Swift Downtop Peek, Aryane Steinkopft Nekkid, and Much Much More...

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Every four years, the nations of the world gather together in an event of Olympic proportions to celebrate the athletic spirit. Meh, big deal. Every week here on Egotastic! gentlemen oglers from around the world virtually gather together to leer at some of the world's finest celebrity women in little to not clothing, in a celebration of the libidinal spirit we like to call Reader Finds.

This week's robust and racy Reader Finds includes Taylor Swift down-dress shot o' boobtastic, euro-model Eniko Mihalik topless, German actress Doreen Dietel nekkid, Sophie Reade surprisingly hot in a bikini covered top, Mylene Klass drop dead sexy in lingerie, Emmanuelle Chriqui classic busty photos in tight white tank top, Monika Pietrasinska topless lingerie goodness, Kristen Kreuk cute and sexy, Dree Hemingway nekkid in Purple, Holland Roden bum cheek flash on Teen Wolf,Aryane Steinkopf nekkid and outrageously hot, Rachael Taylor topless in new film, and Xoana Gonzalez topless on Sudamericana TV. An outrageous assemblage of hot skin.

Finds and Credits:

Muchos muchos gracias to EgoReaders 'Watson' and 'MJ' for both realizing the Aryane Steinkopf wave sweeping the Egotastic! nation and providing nekkid pictures of the Brazilian blonde bombshell.

'Brandon' for some reason is watching Teen Wolf, but good thing about it, he ID'd a nice butt cheek peek at show starlet Holland Roden.

Both 'Tom C.' and 'Jamie' and his wanking backroom IT buddies at Phalanx spotted the topless goodness that is Aussie actress model Rachael Taylor in her new film Any Questions for Ben?

Kudos to 'David S.' for uncovering a down-top shot of Taylor Swift and more boob flesh than you're likely to ever see again. Sadly, not a nip slip we do not believe, but, happily, T-Swift chest puppy.

Mas gracias to 'Guillermo' for topless TV shots of local model and actress Xoana Gonzalez topless in the TV show Condicionados, which Guillermo is sad to report is about to go off the air for lack of ratings.

Additional much Internet points to 'Iken' for uncovering wicked hot Eniko Mihalik, to 'Inger' for Deutschland hottie thespianic Doreen Dietel in her birthday suit, to 'Anon' for the typically topless Sophie Reade in some busty bikini pics, to 'Evan R.' for another ridiculously hot supermodel in Mylene Klass in skimpy lingerie, to 'Amore' for Emmanuelle Chriqui in a decade old super hot white tank top shoot, to 'Ben' for smoking hot Monika Pietrasinska topless in silky things, to 'Weedy' for cutest of the cute Kristen Kreuk looking cute, and to 'Overhill' for Dree Hemingway nekkid shots from Purple magazine I'm pretty sure we've published before, but, what the heck, it's Friday.


P.S. Okay, one more. EgoReader 'Brian' can't stop looking at what he believes is the single best few seconds of the 2012 Summer Olympic games so far:

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