READER FINDS: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Topless, Imogen Thomas Lingerie Madness, Emma Watson See-Through, and Much Much More...

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While many people over the next few weeks will be donning silly hats covered with pins and hoisting pre-printed placards and screaming for their favorite candidate (none of which I understand in the least), the Egotastic! minded among us will stick to our truly motivating passion, the search, discovery, and private time exploration of all things celebrity sextastic. And we shall share many of those goodies amongst our clan in a weekly ritual we know and love as Reader Finds. In short, fuck the hats with buttons on them.

This week's Reader Finds (and credits) includes a bevy of barely dressed hotties including Imogen Thomas and her amazing body in hardly any lingerie (thank you 'Amand'), Spanish model Marina Perez topless in VMan magazine (kudos to 'Devo'), Rosie Huntington-Whiteley topless in Harper's Bazaar (blessings to EgoReader 'Simon J.'),  Lizzy Caplan topless on the small screen (contributed by 'Ed B.'), Nicky Minaj nipple slip onstage (thanks much 'Adam'), Claudia Romani sexy in lingerie and bikinis (a 'Jim B.' fine addition), U.S Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney in sweet Twipics (muchas gracias to 'Dex'), Emma Watson see-through top in Elle photoshoot (credit to a ton of you including 'Andrew M.' and 'Shane'), our belusted Lucy Collett smoking hot topless (bowing to 'Nicolai' on those), Sally Field nekkid onscreen, yep, it's true (good work 'Pito'), the best of Women's Water Polo nipslips (why not says EgoReader 'Mike C.),  Claudia Schiffer see through to the bare boobtastic ('Igoen' caught these), Nicole Trunfio artsy topless (much appreciated 'Thomas'), and Latina model Jorgelina Airaldi topless in a fashion photoshoot (thanks to 'Len C.' for those doozies). Enjoy.

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