Rhian Sugden Topless Awesome Pictures Kick-off 2013 Calendar Season

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They're going to be in the stores within a couple months, and they're going to be sinking deep into the grey matter of your brain well before then, the long line of seductive monthlies from the upcoming 2013 calendars featuring your finest in hottest celebrities, many without need for much clothing, even in the winter months.

We kick it all of with Rhian Sugden, who is simply and absolutely spellbinding in her combo of blonde bombshell looks, and an explosive body to more than match. When Rhian takes her lingerie tops down, we sense something else rising, and not just the temperatures. The London Olympics may currently be seen as the greatest latest accomplishment of the British people, but we're going with Rhian Sugden as a far greater spectacle of the spectacular feats. Enjoy.

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