Sabine Jemeljanova Topless 2013 Calendar Pictures Hot Enough to Spin the Globe Forward

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There's simply no stopping 2013 from arriving, barring Mayan calendar prophecies and what not, you're going to want to have something on your wall to help mark the passage of days, the sand through the hourglass, and nothing works finer, trust me, than super hot glamour models. You will no longer see the passage of time as some metaphysical horror show, but, rather, wait with longing for the opportunity to flip to the next page of super sextastic celeb models such as Sabine Jemeljanova.

The British glamour model sets a brunette standard for sultry boobtastic hotness. And by the looks of her 2013 calendar photoshoot, you may just finding flipping from January to February next year requires some subtle ripping and tearing of stuck pages. Enjoy.

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