Staci Noblett Dares to Challenge Lucy Collett in Our Weekly Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic

We love it when a hottie challenger throws down the gauntlet for one of our longer time favorites, it's like watching the origin story of an epic topless pillow fight where we get to sit in the lounge chair and eat cashews while the girls pull hair and rip each other's tops off. Of course, we imagine that every hour on the hour.

in this week's Page 3 battle of the amazing chest bulges, super hot-bodied Staci Noblett goes straight for the queen of the hill, in challenging our ginger darling, Lucy Collett, to a stand-up contest of the perkiest protrusions on the planet. While there are no losers in a contest of the cupcakes, there can only be one winner, so whose ta's reign supreme?

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