Thank God It's Funbags! Rosie Jones Brilliant Boobs Outtakes are Beyond Bodacious

I feel like this Friday deserves special notice as it's kind of the last summer feeling end of the week type thingee for a whole entire year. The last weekend the ladies can wear white, or that at least we can peek up their short white summer dresses, and soon the leaves will be falling and we'll be staring down their tops as raking time occurs.

We don't change much with the seasons. Or the primary way we look to jumpstart our time off, with big bold bodacious ta-ta's, this week, courtesy of some outrageously ogle worthy outtakes from the Brilliant Boobs photoshoot from Nuts magazine of our deep passion and tingle inducing Britty young bombshell, Rosie Jones, who shows once again what a simple equation hot girl plus wicked hot body is to solve. The answer is always firmly in your graps. Enjoy.

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