Vanessa Paradis Topless Bikini Pictures For the Picture Perfect of a Newly Single Hottie

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We've watched French actress and singer Vanessa Paradis for the past decade or more, mostly through the prism of being Johnny Depp's woman and baby mama and always at his side, or at his side when he wasn't on year long benders or such living in hotel rooms, so mostly at his side. And we always thought, damn, that's one hot looking French babe Johnny's got. That is about as deep as we get with our thoughts.

Well, now, that French babe is 39 and single after 14 years with Johnny and has wasted little time in getting back out there, by way of some topless sunbathing time in Corsica. We double dig chicks with hot bodies who sunbathe topless, sort of like a chance to sample the entree while just ordering the appetizer, a little free preview of coming attractions, in this case, of a cinematic endeavor involving one veteran hottie freshly single, and our psychologically disturbing levels of lust. Perfect match. Enjoy.

P.S. Not to make Vanessa out to be our perfect girl, she sure does look like she's smoking a fat blunt.

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