Yuka Hata Topless Hotness in Bedroom Photoshoot Will Wake You Right the Eff' Up

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Okay, your sob sad desperate letters about your must-see Japanese models has to come to an end, I mean, right after we show you Yuka Hata, who I imagine upon further investigation is involved in slightly more grown-up pursuits than just sexy bedroom pictorials. But ever so hot. Hot enough that when 'Dino' professed his undying love for her in his email, we did have to take a look. We're on board. But, please, no more sob story letters, they're breaking our hearts and busting our onions.

Still, do take in the time to enjoy Yuka Hata, every inch of her from the looks of this pictorial, one mighty fine lady from across the other pond, bringing with her precious treasures that you really don't have to do much imagining to see. Enjoy.

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