Boob Tube Roundup Features the Return of Boardwalk Empire Ta-Ta's (VIDEO)

Late summer early fall is usually a bit of a lull time in television, when the small screen producers spend more time patting themselves on the back than producing fresh content, while waiting for the Fall lineup to begin. The same is true for the barren landscape of fresh hot funbags on the boob tube, though, thankfully, one of our absolute favorites, Boardwalk Empire, has returned for Season 3, and along with it all the bad-assery, blood, and boobtastic, most notably the latter.

In this week's Boob Tube Roundup, we get a peek at the perky pair of Meg Chambers Steedle, who flashes her knockout 1920's knockers for a win-win for the season premiere of Boardwalk. Must see. Must feel really, though I'm not sure the latter is allowed with your HBO subscription. Enjoy.

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