Chanelle Hayes Topless and Glowing In Outtakes for Ta-Ta-Tuesdays

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I'm not exactly sure if Chanelle Hayes is glowing in these delicious topless outtakes from her August Nuts magazine photoshoot or if that halo effect around her curvaceous body is a subliminal and overpowering message from my libido to my optic nerves telling me I'm seeing an angel for whose boobtastic I should be willing to give up pretty much anything. I think Joan d'Arc had a similar kind of thing happen to here, though maybe not from seeing Nuts outtakes.

In any event, on Tuesdays, kind of like all other days, we do celebrate the best and the brightest in the world of the celebrity funbags, and the body on Chanelle. We celebrate it in song. Or our version of song, which is silent, tongue wagging primarily. Enjoy.

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