Egotastic! Launches Deal With Playboy Plus -- What's This Mean for You? A Good Deal on Nekkid Jenny McCarthy and Kim Kardashian!

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If there's one thing Playboy knows that we know that you all know is that hot sextastic nekkid celebrities really are just about the best thing in the world. In fact, if you discount the time a beer truck got in a fender bender right outside my apartment and cases of gratis brew went flying all over the front yard, they really are the very best thing in the world.

And to kick it all off, how about a little nekkid Jenny McCarthy, or, maybe some Kim Kardashian. That forms quite the boobtastic veteran sandwich right there.

Get full picture sets and videos of Jenny McCarthy and Kim Kardashian and other celebs nekkidon Playboy Plus

You know we get Egotastic! readers a good deal. In this case, an annual subscription to Playboy Plus for just a monthly rate of $9.99. That's what I'm about to spend at Freddy Chee's Korean-Mex truck for a lunch time burrito. And, trust me, nekkid high-res pictures and videos of Jenny McCarthy and Kim Kardashian and the like won't leave you on the shitter for the rest of the afternoon like a Freddy Chee burrito. This is a membership must, if you're so inclined.

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