Emma Mae May Just Be The Hottest Tatted Girl Ever (According to Jacob) to Celebrate Ta-Ta-Tuesdays

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Again, I'd like to caution you, most of your personal requests to us end up with me putting on my Sheriff of Nottingham repose and laughing like a sinister bastard while I print your emails, slowly crunch them in my slightly undersized man-hands, and throw them into our garbage can slash office basketball hoop.

However, every now and then, even the Sheriff succumbs to a little sob story. Like EgoReader 'Jacob', who reminded us that he's been visiting this here site since the beginning (no, not of time, since we began) including on his mobile phone during the funeral his Aunt Betty had for her beloved cockerspaniel, Sir Ferdinand. That's devotion.

And all Jacob wanted to do was share his blind and seemingly semi-retarded lust for the tatted-up super hottie, Emma Mae. Now, granted, I'm pretty sure Emma Mae is more known for her adult type materials than her semi-adult type materials featured usually herein, but Jacob believes we don't cover inked girls nearly enough, and Emma Mae is as hot as I expect my eternal resting place to be, so, say hello to Emma Mae. Enjoy.

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