Eva Longoria Bare-Arsed Nekkid from Behind 'Asleep at the Chateau'

Austrian minimalist photographer Jork Weismann has found an incredibly new and interesting way to get girls to take their clothes off for the camera at the Chateau Marmont, shooting them pretending to be asleep (no, not passed out or unconscious, that's an entirely different set of Chateau Marmont pictures), but just in peaceful slumber.

And, well, it all sounded kind of silly to us until we caught site of Eva Longoria bare-arsed on the bed in the Chateau, like a sleeping Latina beauty with a booty we could just about kill for (I mean, we don't believe in violence, but to get that dumper in our grasp, we might be willing to do some dirty deeds).

We've already proclaimed Eva Longoria to be one of the most eligible single ladies in all of Hottieville; now, we just have to think about crowning her. Enjoy.

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