Hayley-Marie Coppin Topless Towel Strip Involves Moisture In All the Good Places

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On occasion, we introduce or re-introduce a sextastic celebrity to Hottieville, and the denizen go a little crazier than just your normal crazy.

Such is the case with Britty glamour model Hayley-Marie Coppin. Oh, you should see the letters we've been getting. And just in response to the most common questions in your letters -- no, we don't have any of Hayley's worn shoes for sale. But we do have ridiculously hot photos of Hayley-Marie Coppin in a towel, a towel you just know is going to falling off her lean, wanton woman body to reveal the treats you seek. You are hungry, we feed. Enjoy.

P.S. Hey, guess who did contact us? Hayley-Marie herself. She wants to invite Egotastic! readers to check out her wicked hot girls website: Hayley's Secrets. If you happen to love amazingly sexy British glamour models, there's a 100% chance you will love this visit.

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