Holly Henderson Topless Pictures Will WAG Your Attenion

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I feel like the WAG moniker is getting a bit tarnished these days as it becomes so easily interchanged with just plain old-fashioned locker room wenches. Wife and Girlfriend should have some meaning beyond just chick who bangs around a lot with professional athletes, not that there's anything wrong with that, either as a hobby or professionally speaking. Somebody needs to keep the wheels of the sports world greased for the big games. But a WAG? That seems to connote some level of reciprocal admission by the dude in question. Like, 'yeah, she's my lady' level of commitment.

Enter the curious case of Holly Henderson. A woman who seems to be attempting the Kardashian track to British celebrity-dom by way of getting around with pro athletes and working it into a reality show career. A WAG or just something that rhymes with WAG but stars with S-L but we are too gentlemanly to utter aloud. Nevertheless, this by no means does not mean we will not be checking out Holly Henderson in her Confessions of a WAG pictorial in this month's Loaded magazine. I mean, moral judgements are pretty damn boring, but hot flashing funbags, they're always in season. And Holly Henderson's seasonals are reason enough to put her on our radar. Enjoy.

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