Jennifer Aboul Topless Teddy Bear Loving Leaves Our Paws Sore

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As you know, our motto is, the weirder the better. Well, with the caveat that it involves sextastic preferably topless celebrity girls. And when it comes to weird, we simply love girls playing with their teddy bears.

Jennifer Aboulis an interesting case. The hottie Venezuelan self-described actress and ballerina, though our research indicates mostly nekkid Twitpicker, has become famous in her home country for some kind of feud with Diosa Canales, a more famous version of Jennifer, and for possibly hooking up with professional baller Kelvim Escobar. There's a bunch of other nitty gritty gossipy shizz, but mostly what draw our attention was Jennifer's topless attention to one damn lucky teddy.

Now, this is not the first time we've seen sultry hot Sudamericana girls being naughty with the stuffed animals; and, if prayers mean anything, this will not be the last. Enjoy.

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