Jodie Gasson Topless, Outdoors, and Wicked Hot for Ta-Ta-Tuesdays

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We have slowly fallen in deep lust with super-bodied Britty glamour model Jodie Gasson. Well, as slow as one can fall in love with a hot blonde with some seriously amazing funbags. So, technically pretty fast actually.

Jodie Gssson is one of those specimens of womanhood who makes you happy to be a chest puppy worshipper, a true spirt of that which drives men into either great accomplishments, or way too many hours with their lavatory door locked and the future promise only of well-worn palms. In her latest pictorial, the bombshell takes her sweet lingerie clad body outdoors only to discover that fine red bra and panties are bit too much clothing for a warm summer day, so, what the heck. Then proceeds to 'what the heck' us right to heck.

For all the money being poured into 3-D technology, it'll never be of much use to us here at Egotastic! until applied to its ultimate content -- ridiculously hot bodies like Jodie Gasson. Enjoy.

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