Jordan Carver Covered Topless as 'Tina Armstrong' to Celebrate the Release of DOA5

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It's really not possible to tell you how much fun we had meeting, greeting, and shooting Jordan Carver in our tribute to the upcoming video game release of DOA5. It was like everything I always imagined it would be like to spend the day with a half-nekkid German hottie bending and preening and cosplaying for the cameras. Of course, Jordan did drop kick me in my bobos, but I deserved it.

Plus, all the violence got Jordan in character to portray wrestler-martial artist 'Tina Armstrong', the blonde cowgirl from Dead or Alive 5 set to release on Tuesday, September 25. We have a natural affinity for the DOA video game series given their natural affinity for all things sexy, female, and mammarial related.

Check out the Egotastic! exclusive interpretation of Tina Armstrong by way of Jordan Carver and her wicked hot body and beautiful naughtiness. We hope you enjoy.

** Special thanks to both photographer Mateo Ward and to the quite happening and freshly opened A/V Nightclub in Hollywood for hosting our shoot.

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