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Kate Middleton Caught Topless On Her Balcony, an Egotastic Celebrity Re-Enactment (VIDEO)

Sometimes, I wonder about the sanity of the good and decent parolees that fill the ranks of our staff here at Egotastic! I could read the psych evaluations and wonder less, but, it's far more fun to play the guessing game, 'What Got That Dude 5150'd?'

When I asked our feature writer Jack Tomas to help cover the Kate Middleton topless photo scandal by producing an accurate re-creation of the events of that fateful day on the mansion balcony in Provence, well, let's just say I think most of the production budget went to feed his green thumb fetish. Dude loves his crocus bulbs.

Still, I think we have a fairly accurate depiction of Kate and Bill and long-distance telescopic lens makes three. I do remind you viewers, this is not 100% science. Enjoy.

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