Kate Middleton Topless in Closer Magazine! Somebody Snapped My Future Baby Mama Topless!

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UPDATED: We wanted to note that Kate Middleton was not at a 'resort' when snapped, but at Prince Bill's cousin's French retreat. All of which makes us wonder more how security let somebody with a camera lens get so close to the future Queen of England?

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The Royal Family might be calling this a true shame, but even I, as the future and proud sire of between nine and seventeen children with Kate Middleton, the future Queen of England, am pleased that Closer magazine has produced telescopic visuals of the bare chest of my beloved Kate. Those will be the source of nourishment for our future brood.

Not quite a dramatic reveal as her cousin Katrina Darling performs the boobtastic flash, but Kate Middleton did decide to go for a tan-line free tan when on vacation recently in Provence with Prince Bill and them there is the results of a tree line photographer of some resourcefulness.

All the royal watchers are up in arms, clutching their pearls about the recent Prince Harry nekkid partying in Vegas scandal, and now this, Kate Middleton sunbathing topless. Oh, grow up. The Kids Are Alright.

Credit to: Closer magazine and and EgoReader 'Oliv'' on the Twitbird.

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