Kate Middleton Topless Pictures Make Their Freshly Scandalous Clearer Rounds in Scandinavian Magazine

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Jeg kan virkelig lide den!

Danish magazine Se og Hør (Look and Listen, or, you know, Ogle and Leer in this case) has published mostly the same, one addition, but slightly better quality photos of Kate Middleton topless from her regally scandalous French sunbathing vacation with Prince Bill. Apparently, the Danes aren't aware that the House of Windsor in the U.K. are calling these photos 'barbaric' and 'grotesque' and tantamount to crimes against humanity to show the bare funbags of their future queen. Or, maybe they just don't dig flapjacks as much as the rest of the world?

As always, we'll keep you abreast of this situation. Enjoy.

(Dear Kate, you will get past this. Might we suggest a royal bun in the oven to completely change the conversation? Just keep pushing William to rub lotion on your bare butt crack and it should happen eventually. If not, we stand at full readiness to complete the task.)

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