Kate Middleton Topless Pictures Now Flowing Out of the Boot! Chi Magazine Defies Threats from Buckingham Palace!

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(Credit: Chi magazine (a sampling of the over 200 revealing photos Chi magazine claims to have of the Duchess. You'll have to purchase the magazine to see them in, well, magazine quality.)

Talk about your black leather glove slaps across the face, publishers of Chi magazine defied the onslaught of continental-sized threats from the Royal Family and has this morning published additional photographs of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and future Queen of England, topless from her French vacation at Prince Bill's cousin's petite mansion getaway in Provence.

As you no doubt remember, late last week, Closer magazine posted the first set of such topless Kate Middleton photos and also claimed to have intimate video of the royal couple engaging in an act that I suppose is intended to extend the Windsor line. But Closer has publicly stated it is withholding further publication of any Kate Middleton material.

( offers 'open checkbook' to Closer magazine for the unpublished sex photos of Bill and Kate.)

But, not so Chi magazine, which has shown big brass in revealing more of the regal beagles golden peaches this morning. Where will it all end? Who knows, we only hope it never ends. Enjoy.

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