Lara Stone Topless Pictures in The Last Magazine For Your First Happy Feelings of the Day

Dutch model Lara Stone has been ranked the #1 model in the world by a bunch of places that matter in the modeling world, but we here at Egotastic! don't need industry research to tell us what we already know in our hearts and other such similar organs -- Lara Stone is wicked hot.

Any time a fashion type model can still do her stylish and silly artsy thing for the ladies and the superficial set and still get men to stand up (as possible) and take long lustful notice, then we know we have a winner on our hands. Lara Stone is that winner, and her topless mini-spread in The Last Magazine is a prime example of why whenever we hear that Lara is in pictures, we always flip the pages to her alluring gap-toothed smile. Enjoy.

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