Lucy Pinder 2013 Topless Calendar Pictures Hot Enough to Form a Rift in the Space-Time Continuum

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You know we happen to believe that Lucy Pinder is one of the single most sextastic women walking the face of this gaseous orb we call our home planet. Just drop dead hottie. When she puts those glasses on, the flickering arrow tilts right into red overload mode as the pressure builds to dangerous levels.

Lucy doesn't do nearly as much topless modeling as she used to, so it's even a greater treat when the ridiculously good-looking brunette favors her ogling gentleman brigade with fun flashes of her perfectly plump melons. It's a doubleheader of the DD-variety.

Our friends at Nuts magazine were kind enough to preview Lucy's 2013 topless wall calendar, which if it isn't hanging somewhere in your eyeball range on January 1, 2013, well, shame on you. Enjoy.

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