Mr. Skin Minute Includes Lena Headey, Jennifer Hutchison, and Charlize Theron All Buck Arse Topless (VIDEO)

The other day, my woeful emo band playing friend Scott (dude's named Scott are always melancholy, please, don't write and tell me you're the exception) was telling me how sad and sorry this world is. And I felt so sad and sorry for Sad Scott for not noticing that we live in a time when we have more sextastic celebrity skin at our fingertips, by a million fold, than ever before.

Who wants to pen tragic tales of lost love with a chick with a nose-ring when you could be penning new tales of lust with girls such as Lena Headey, currently in Dredd 3D, but topless in Aberdeen, Anna Hutchison, the gorgeous blond topless hottie in The Cabin in the Woods, and classic Charlize Theron full-frontal nekkidness in The Devil's Advocate. And you can see them all in this week's Mr. Skin Minute. Oh, yeah, it's free and works on repeat. So buck up, Scotts. Enjoy.

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