Noelia Rios and Xoana Gonzalez Topless; Two Girls, One Bed, Lots of Giggling (VIDEO)

Somewhere in Argentina, buried deep beneath the rich soil of the farmlands, lies a magical stone that turns so many young women there into bodaciously hot exhibitionists of the bodily kind. I hope they never dig up that stone, it truly would be a loss for the rest of the world.

Noelia Rios, of naughty sibling photoshoot fame, and Xoana Gonazalez, of Lionel Messi orgy sex scandal fame, teamed up to feel each other up in a photoshoot for Hombres magazine and thankfully, somebody caught the behind the scenes footage. Really, making visual magic is so simple -- two sextastic and sultra Latina naughty hotties, one bed, and one camera. Just like riding a bike. Enjoy.

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="600" height="450"></iframe>

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