READER FINDS: Angie Harmon Topless, Samara Weaving Teen Bikini, LeeLee Sobieski Nekkid and Much Much More...

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Something I've learned over the past couple of weeks here, politics tends to divide, super hot sextastic celebrities tend to unite. It's why someday I'd like to start a political movement of just ridiculously hot topless babes with a platform of nudity, nekkidness, and naughtiness and see who dares to defy them. Honestly, who's going to get up and speak out against a smoking hot woman flashing her wares? Before you answer, I'm not so naive as to not recognize that sadly far too many on this planet are willing to do just that, starting with our own FCC. But enough with the pessimism, and onto the holy hotness of our skin-collective known as Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds truly is our biggest ever, thanks to you all, including actress Gillian Alexy topless in the show Damages (thanks ever so much to 'Iliac'), LeeLee Sobieski nekkid in the film L'Idole (kudos on the contribution to 'Matt'), Britty ginger Rebecca Hall topless in BBC's Parade's End (cheers to long time EgoReader 'Natalie R.' for the ginger uncovery). young Phoebe Cates in a sexy bikini shoot (blessings ever so much to 'Giles'), Taylor Swift in some sweet bikini shots (thanks much to 'Mitch P.'), Helen Flanagan cleavetastic in a beach photoshoot (gracias to 'Diego' for this boobtastic find), wicked hot Colombian model Jackeline Cardona (thanks to 'Rich F.' on this Sudamericana wonderment), bodacious brunette Georgie Darby in a topless bikini photoshoot (kudos to 'Justice' for this top-of-the-line find), Angie Harmon topless in Lawn Dogs (EgoReader 'Bill B.' gets credit for this), Emma Frain gorgeous and topless in her calendar shoot (blessings to 'Devo' for Emma), and the talented young Aussie Samara Weaving in a bikini (Good on you 'Winmere' for this contribution). Enjoy.

Be sure to check out the Reader Finds videos as well...

Gloriously hot Noelia Rios showering on Big Brother Argentina (contributed by 'Guillermo'):

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