Rosie Jones Topless and 50 Shades of Bound Hotness in Black Lingerie

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Now, I've not read the book 50 Shades of Grey yet, mostly because it's for the ladies and also because of my secret Lifetime Movie shame of being illiterate and hiding it all my life from friends and family (actually, the secret I've been hiding is irritable bowels, but nobody makes a sympathetic movie about when your hiding gas and bloating, trust me), but I know for sure that no matter how many guys think this popular novel is going to spark a revolution of hot women in their office wanting to be tied up and spanked, yeah, don't just go binding Betty from Accounting without her permission just yet.

However, what 50 Shades has sparked is a whole new line of creative pictorials from some of our favorite lovely ladies, including the deliciously double-D'd Rosie Jones in this 50 Shades of Grey inspired photoshoot for Nuts magazine. Now, the mere idea of Rosie stripping down to her black lingerie for an at-work spanking is enough to make us thankful for the popularity of this chick book; and when Rosie takes her top off, we're glad that men have come along to enhance the creative. Enjoy.

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