Sam Cooke Battles Emily O'Hara in a Page 3 Blonde-on-Blonde Bit o' Boobtastic Battle

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We're not animals, we are dignified gentlemen and Sapphic leaning gentle-ladies on Egotastic!, but, at times, we must relinquish civilized controls and harken back to our baser instincts of boob sport and flesh filled fights, to appease the savage beast within. At these times, we call upon the sweet and sexy topless glamour models of Page 3 to battle it out in the Ta-Ta-Dome to fulfill our barbaric passions for bodacious dominance.

This week's Page 3 battle of the boobtastic pits two veteran blonde hotties, Sam Cooke, who has a very strong chest puppy competition record on our little site against Emily O'Hara, a less well-known bosom battler, but one who has a very faithful following among our degenerate denizen. I really have no ideas whose flesh kittens will reign supreme, so, vote and decide. Enjoy.

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