Sophie Turner See-Through Skirt Flashes a Labor of Cheeky Love

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How did you spend your Labor Day? As you may know, Egotastic! spent the bulk of the day perfecting pork butt on the grill, but our butt could not nearly match the asstastic presentation put on by hot-bodied Aussie wonderment, Sophie Turner, who flashed her down under region at a Labor Day party in Brentwood.

Now, outside of the occasional car crash from passing by ogling gentleman, nobody was harmed by Sophie's flashy garb, her body flawless exhibition, or her ability to turn an American holiday dedicated to hard labor and turn it into a labor of lust for oglers everywhere. This is how we got the word 'holiday' in the first place, it's a contraction for 'holy faptastic, check out Sophie's arse today!' Enjoy.

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