Stephanie Seymour Strangely Flashes Her MILFtastic Knockers for i-D Magazine

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We really have missed our favorite son-loving mom, Stephanie Seymour, who we see little of outside of her family fun vacations down in the Caribbean. And while we often lose intellectual track of the various highly artsy new-wave themes Stephanie Seymour photoshoots tend to fall to, we still never ever want to stop ogling the bare chest of this 40-something MILFtastic model phenom, who never seems to age (perhaps it's intra-family coupling that keeps her looking so youthful?)

Stephanie Seymour goes high-concept once more flashing her oddly fastened funbags in the Fall edition of i-D magazine. It's strange, it's odd, but it's ultimately hot Stephanie, the mom we all want to have tucking us in at night. Enjoy.

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