Alice Goodwin Raven Haired and Missing All Her Clothes for Ta-Ta-Tuesday

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Something about these brunettes that just makes me relive about a dozen or more grade school fantasies of my dark-haired female teachers, the ones who weighed under two bills, pulling my tight to their bosom for what I assumed was comfort, but later on learned were several attempts to smother me to death and frame it like an accident.

If blonde-haired girls are labeled as bubble-headed, than the raven-haired hotties certainly get the cliche of being mysterious and naughty and whether or not it's entirely true, I do like to believe it about Alice Goodwin, whose stunning features are on full display currently in Zoo magazine, a periodical dedicated to all things British and boobtastic. And those features are far more naughty than mysterious here on Ta-Ta-Tuesday. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out Alice's Zoo magazine video on why she loves being nekkid.)

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