Bing Yi Nekkid Photos Help Open The Far East to Western Peeps

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When I was in school way back in the last millennium, my model-airplane-glue huffing Remedial English teacher Mr. Del Farnsworth used to take a moment ever hour to lecture the guaranteed dropouts, low test scorers, and future baristas about how China was going to be the center of the world in the coming century, or millennium, or just in a couple of years I guess. He said something about trade imbalances and an unlimited supply of the powder they use to make frozen yogurt smooth. None of it made much sense. Until now.

Thanks to EgoReader 'Eric E.' among others who have been pushing us to venture into the Chinese mainland where a blossoming, err, unclothing blossoming is occurring as free markets and more liberal practices are taking root in the old school Communist nation, and along with it, natch, the exposure of female celebrities and their finer assets. Hey, you don't think half a billion Chinese dudes aren't dreaming of Jeanie while polishing their lamps just like the rest of us, you're kidding yourself.

Enter Bing Yi, one of a small handful of celebrity models taking hold on the mainland, producing pictures that may not be particularly beneficial to keeping down the population in the large nation, but images of Asian hotness we just can't not share.

Welcome to the New Millennium. Enjoy.

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