Candice Swanepoel and Anja Rubik Topless in W Magazine

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As you know, each month, my postman, the recently probated Mr. Tompkins-Daffney, delivers a set of women's magazines to the front doormat of my pied-à-terre and I must suffer the slings and arrows of the local 'tween boy gang who mock me as I retrieve my girly-for-girls periodicals from my stoop. It may be time for me to lose my dragon kimono and step up to some sweats.

Either way, for all the silly woman-kind craptastic filling the pages of these ladies-pimping-ladies-shizz journals, occasionally, there are wonderful visual delights, often artsy, often fashiony, but in some cases, quite revealing and delicious, as is the case in this month's W magazine, featuring a row of supermodels, some without tops on, including our heavily desired Candice Swanepoeland supermodel Anja Rubik.

Oh, sure, it's a lot of highfalutin nonsense to work around, but for topless Candice, you must work around. And, enjoy.

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