Do You Like Unshorn Nekkid Young Ladies? Then You Will Dig Nettie Harris

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Okay, it's not for everybody, but since we remain forever jealous of photographer to the mostly nekkid celebrity stars, Terry Richardson, when EgoReader 'Vince' gave us a head's up on Terry's nekkid b/w pictorial of young (but legal, we did check after all) alt model Nettie Harris, well, we just had to share her furburgers, err, bare bodied goodness.

Now, like most of you modern males, you're simply confused at the site of hair on a woman's body in places where the magazines for the past 20 years have shown none, and your girlfriend shaves because she finds being sleek to feel empowering or because you told her that your ex did it and now she feels competitive, but there was a day not so long ago when women actually had full carpets, and even a day back in the bra burning days and Old Western times before that, when a lady had a full crop of hair beneath her arms. And, yes, you still wanted to bang them, Caveman Joe. Enjoy.

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