Flavia Lucini Black and White and Topless All Over for Elle

Today is getting to know people day. After all, strangers are just friends you've yet to get to know, as my second grade teacher, the lovely and unusually large-handed Mrs. Oberwellermeyer-Johnson used to say. And, I bet you'd like to have Brazilian supermodel Flavia Lucinias your friend, especially after seeing her topless in this month's edition of Elle Mexico.

I mean, sure, guy friends are great if you need somebody to split parking with you at the ballgame, and you do need a male friend to call after the local rub-and-tug $29.95 massage turns out to be a police sting (shoutout to 'John' on that one from last Saturday), but female friends, especially the super good looking ones that like to take their tops off, well, that is a true friend indeed.

Welcome to Egotastic!, Flavia Lucini. Enjoy.

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