Fox Hunt: Behold the Playboy Bunny Avengers

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Erections assemble, you might say. Unless your significant other/young child/incontinent grandma is in the room, in which case you might not. Instead, we can heed the words of the little voice installed in every set of manplums as it merrily states: that's a lot of tightly-trussed ta-ta's right there.

Elsewhere this week, the ancient adage that spectacles instantly render a woman nerdier and sexier is apparently confirmed by internet piss-takery (being chest-tacular may -may- exacerbate this effect). Also for your delectation: the wonders of sans-clothing Diablo girl, and a confirmed byactual science way to stop math from sucking King Kong's five-foot phallus. To wit: monstrously complex blackboard equations in your undercrackers. When Mr Hardacre tried this back in our college days, it got him arrested; the above is an infinitely less traumatizing take on the concept.

Gentlemen, gallery perusal awaits.

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