Halo 4 Now Gets the Playboy Treatment from Miss October, Pamela Horton (VIDEO)

Yeah, remember how we told you that Playboy's Miss October 2012, Pamela Horton, is way into games and wanted to share her thoughts with us on Assassin's Creed III because she know her stuff and is excited about it coming out on October 30? Well, it turns out she said and did the same thing with Halo 4 because that's coming out November 6 (be sure to vote) and we tend to do what Playmates tell us to do especially if they ask nicely and penetrate our souls with those intense eyes that have melted a million hearts.

Uh, anyway, here's Miss October giving us her take on Halo4, specifically, and the Halo universe in general. It's not pretty folks. She is, but this isn't. Just watch.

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