Humpday Huzzah! Jodie Gasson Strips on the Stairs for Funbag Glory

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Jodie Gasson makes me happy. Well, hot girls with fabulous funbags make me happy, and Jodie Gasson has those down in spades.

The very reason we invented Humpday Huzzah in our underground laboratories buried 11-feet deep beneath The Sizzler restaurant was to help our hard working readers get through a work week of drudgery, and amazing full and ripe chest puppies get you through drudgery like nobody's business.

Ever since the English lads magazines started making superlative claims about Britain's best boobs and whatnot, well, we've been doing overtime hours kind of research on these mammarial matters. And we'd like to include Jodie Gasson in this discussion. Enjoy.

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