Humpday Huzzah! Lacey Banghard Topless Photoshoot Shows Why She Was a Page 3 Idol Winner (VIDEO)

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Look, they don't just hand out Page 3 Idol trophies to just anybody. You have to be super hot, super stacked, and super able to reach out to millions of British wankers (literally) and yank their top votes. And Lacey Banghard certainly did that, with sheer force of womanly unclothed parts and one killer body.

The good and boob-benevolent folks at Page 3 love to bring former Idol winners back for follow-up shoots and we're fortunate enough to have a gushy globes behind the scenes look at Lacey Banghard's recent striptease for the cameras. It's guaranteed to put some spring into your humpday step, or your money back. Enjoy.

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