Jo Garcia Now a Playboy Video Game Reviewer, Once a Playboy Cyber Girl of the Year

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After just watching avid gamer hottie Jo Garcia and her review of the newly released Resident Evil 6 game title from Capcom, did you really think we were going to leave you hanging without seeing some of the classic nekkid views of the sextastic New Yorker from her days as the Playboy Cyber Girl of the Year (circa 2008). Well, if you thought so, today must be your first day on Egotastic!

Jo Garcia was, is, will ever be, one stunning hot woman. With her clothes off, set those phasers to kill mode, Captain. Just wow, damn, and thank you, ma'am.

Check out Jo in this sample set from her Playboy Cyber Club award winning days. And to see a buttload (and boobload) more nekkid pictorials of Jo Garcia, check her out on PlayboyPlus. Enjoy.

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