Jodie Gasson Topless Bikini Pictures To Help Bookend Your Boobtastic Needs Day

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Because it's been a tough Monday, we did start out today with some benevolent boobtastic photos of the hot Britty blonde Leah Francis. And with the day only turning to bigger shit upon adding up our lousy Fantasy Football scores, combined with the fact that we just learned that nobody in fact paid for our Friday Happy Hour bar tab at Dick's House of Booze and Dick just laid the bill on my virtual desk and demanded payment, well, I'm going to need more knockers to get through this one. Having a similar Monday there as well?

Thank Mother Nature for her many blessings then, including our delicious gal pal (a term only to be used in reference to hot nekkid women) Jodie Gasson and her new set of topless bikini photos. Jodie Gasson continues to inspire us with sheer force of sexual desire, not hers, ours, though in our dreams hers matches ours, for us specifically, and we live happily ever after for about two hours at least.

Let medical science, modern psychology, and commercial television declare for you the most appropriate way to soothe your troubled soul if you so please. As for me, I remain ever convinced, a hot woman, a hot body, and a solid pair of funbags remains unparalleled in terms of raw feel-better power. Enjoy.

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